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Everyone, meet Luna 🌙

We're super proud to present you our first ever plushie! 
Her estimated arrival is scheduled for the end of April, pre-order today to claim yours! 

And to get to know her a little better, here's her story:
In a distant galaxy, nestled among shimmering stardust, there existed a mystical realm called 
Felinaria. Luna, a mischievous feline with twinkling eyes and a tail that sparkled like a comet, was the most adventurous of all the celestial cats. One enchanting night, while chasing a shooting star, Luna playfully pounced too high and soared through the cosmic winds, landing softly on Earth. Guided by her celestial charm, she now wanders our world as Luna the Cosmic Kitten, spreading joy and cosmic magic wherever she goes.

Luna stands approx 20 cm tall and is made from a soft and squishy material.
Thanks to the little beans in her bottom she always sits upright!

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